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61 Cadogan-Slate Lick Road

Kittanning, PA 16201




- Welcome to the League Of Arts - Log Cabin 


A little about our organization and it's inception to present day - - - -




From the 1960's to the early 1970's, a small group of artists and craft persons formed an organization called the "Country Arts and Crafts". This group met monthly at the studio of artist Marilyn Rea located, at that time, in Burrell Township, Armstrong County, PA. The members were from surrounding townships of Armstrong and Westmoreland. In 1974, the group disbanded and allocated its treasury monies for the formation and incorporation of the present day organization known as the "Armstrong County League of Arts".


The new organization was initially formed and guided by a Board of Directors consisting of four couples which drafted the by-laws and were then legally completed by an attorney as a non-profit incorporation. Ford Cliff Elementary School in Ford City, PA. became the Arts Center for the first five years of incorporation. In 1974, William Rea donated the land which the League of Arts is now located on. Carl and Marilyn Rea sold their home and financed  building the present League of Arts building. Carl and Marilyn built their private home adjacent to the Log Art Center.


The promotion of "arts, crafts and music" is the goal of the organization.




The Armstrong County League of Arts Log Center is located on approximately 7 acres of  land

donated by William Rea in 1974 and continues to promote arts, crafts and music for it's members and the community.


Governed by a Board of Directors, the Arts Council meets only when events are scheduled.

This may be an art or craft special presentation, festival show or a specially requested class. Members are notified by mail or in the bi-annual newsletter of such events. 


Classes are held when an interest is voiced. Through the years, classes in painting, drawing, various types of crafts and music have been held.  Arts weekends have consisted of art shows and contests, music competitions (both indoor and outdoor), music and dance presentations, craft shows, antique car shows and music concerts.




The Arts Council meets only when events are scheduled. This may be an art or craft special

presentation, festival show or a special class. Members are notified by mail or in the monthly

bi-annual newsletter of such events.




The Old Time Music Council was formed to promote "old-time" and country music. The Council meets every Thursday at 7pm playing country (electric or acoustic) music. The first and third Wednesday's of each month is acoustic bluegrass night. If you participate in the music singing or playing an instrument, you must be a member of our organization. Visitors and spouses are welcome to listen at these jams.




The Log Cabin Squares Council is a Western Square Dance group that meets the 2nd  and 4th Tuesday's of the month at from 7pm - 9pm year round. This group averages 20 couples.

The Log Cabin Squares are members of the Pittsburgh Square and Round Dance Association

and also the Pennsylvania Round and Square Dance Organization. Classes are held October through May.


For more information about our organization, please contact Marilyn Rea at marilynrea@windstream.net

or phone 724-763-1722.





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