League of Arts Music Camp Instructor Bio


 Ric Chamberlin / Guitar


Ric Chamberlin is a full-time musician, coming to you from Kodiak Alaska.  Music has been his forte since grade school when he started playing saxophone where he learned to read music and participated in bands, concerts, and orchestras.   When he was 14, Ric learned to play guitar and continued through high school taking his first professional job with a band right out of high school.  After two years of college, Ric became a road musician, traveling the Northwest, traveling to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana with his band. He signed on with the Department of Defense doing USO tours to the Philippines, Okinawa, and Korea, until he landed in Kodiak thirty years ago. He has a band that plays every weekend in Kodiak, and often you will see him at other festivals and events in Kodiak. Ric has been a professional since 1975 and teaches guitar, bass, and saxophone.  He can teach various styles of music including Rock, Blues, Finger Picking, Classical, Country, and Bluegrass. His mission has become to instill a love for music in young people and he works patiently  with beginners, intermediates, and other professionals.  He also plays guitar at his church each week. In his spare time Ric likes to draw and works in pastels and watercolors, and plays his grand piano for relaxation.