League of Arts Music Camp Instructor Bio

Jesse Smith

~ Finger Picking Guitar ~


Jesse Smith is from Wadsworth, Ohio. He has played music for over 50 years, mostly guitar. His first band was with his Dad's band, from age 13 to 17. He then played with other bands for 25 years. Jess kept playing but mostly in his church group and giving lessons and filling in with several bands on occasion. Jesse plays many styles of music including, country, bluegrass, swing, big band, blues, gospel, classical and rock and roll.


He has played at theaters, fairs, clubs, weddings, festivals, senior centers, graduation ceremonies and many other events. He has played with many bands and played solo performances, as well. He has met and played with many great players.


Jesse is married to his lovely wife, Cathy (43 yrs) and has 2 children and 7 grandchildren. Jesse recently retired from teaching at Wadsworth High School. His carpentry class built a house each year throughout the community. He has given guitar lessons for over 50 years. He has given workshops and has been a regular instructor at the Cabin Fever Festival in New Port News, Virginia for the past several years.


Jesse has been influenced by many great guitar players. Some of these are Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Tommy Emmanuel, Richard Hardesty, Jack Blankenship, Robert Shaffer, Todd Halliwell and Martin Taylor....just to name a few. Jesse  is a life long learner and loves to share his music with others. His favorite things to do are spending time with family and jamming with other musicians.


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