League of Arts Music Camp Class Letter for  Chet Hogue

Music Camp 

Chet Hogue


Instrument - Dobro


The main goal of this class is to give you an effective approach to practicing that will help you develop excellent technique and give you the tools needed to apply it to songs in a musically tasteful way.

We will cover right hand technique such as tone, rolls, pick blocking, damping and palm harmonics. With the left hand, we will focus on techniques such as getting the best tone out of the bar, hammer-ons/pull-offs, slides, slants and playing cleanly in closed position.

There will be a big emphasis on intonation, phrasing and getting a vocal-like quality out of your guitar.

We will also spend time on rhythm, fills, ear training, critical listening, playing harmonies and backing up a vocalist. As each technique is presented, we’ll learn how to apply it to song while focusing on building tasteful solos based on the melody.

We’ll do a lot of playing in class. Don't worry if you are shy about playing in front of others or asking questions. You’ll get over it quickly in the supportive learning environment we will create. Make sure to bring your guitar, capo, picks and bar, an audio recording device and a pen and paper.

Basically, this will be YOUR class and I’ll be looking forward to a week of making music with you.

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