League of Arts Music Camp Class Letter for Jessie Smith

Music Camp 

Jessie Smith

We will learn the basic approach to playing finger style guitar. We will learn basic rolls and finger picking techniques. We will discuss musicianship. We will learn chord rhythms and melodies. We will work on tone, hammer on, pull off's and practice techniques. You will learn songs using these techniques, as well as the circle of fifth's.


There will be one-on-one instruction, as well as pairing off and group instruction. You will receive hand-outs to take home for reference and practice. Please let me know what you want from me in the workshop. I look forward to working with you. Please bring a pen and notepad for notes. Recording devices are welcome. Flat pickers are welcome, we will learn a fiddle tune finger style.


Bring your guitar and plan on having some fun. Thumb picks will be provided.

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