League of Arts Music Camp Class Letter for Jason Ericson

Music Camp 

Scott Pearson


From the classic song Ive got rhythm, Ive got music, Who could ask for anything more!!!! That statement could not be truer. This class will focus on improving your techniques in playing bluegrass rhythm guitar. Often overlooked, there is probably nothing more important than great rhythm in any band not withstanding a bluegrass band. We will work with improving the right hand strumming techniques from the classic boom chuck to the alternating picking techniques used in some rhythm situations. There are many ways to play a chord in the same position by just changing the right hand strumming/picking techniques. The class will also focus on the left hand from working with classic chord structures to incorporating classic bluegrass runs, lead in notes, moving chords, and bass lines while playing rhythm. We will touch on when and when not to use the capo. We will work on practicing techniques while promoting good timing.

Students must be able to play chords and have basic knowledge of how to play a guitar.

As you are aware, this will be a class room setting, but I will work one-on-one as much as I can during the camp.  Feel free to bring a note pad, a pen and a recording device.

Please bring a list of anything you want to learn or improve upon during this class.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there,

Scott Pearson

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